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  • A Modern Tie For The Modern Man

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    "Even though there's nothing wrong with owning a multitude of ties, we urge you to consider investing in a few good ones"

    When it comes to ties, it’s very easy to settle for one that will match with your suit without really considering what it’s made of. Before you know it, you’ll own a bunch of terrible ties that will just end up taking up space in your closet. Even though there’s nothing wrong with owning a multitude of them, we urge you to consider investing in a few good ones.

    A new brand that has appeared on our radar is COCHIC and they create men’s products that made from high quality materials. We discovered them at Project Show at the MMode presentation in Las Vegas. Each piece is dutifully made in Italy by hand, which ensures longevity wear after wear.

    The piece to the right is crafted from silk from Como, Italy and exhibits a shimmering glow. What makes the tie truly unique is the patented strip of fabric on the reverse side that attaches to your shirt button. This allows the tie to move with you rather than to sway unnecessarily as you go about your day.

    The pattern pairs nicely with a well-fitting grey or black suit.

    Take a closer look at COCHIC.

    Words & Photography: Jon Carlo Tapia