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  • A Summer In Peak Performance

    59.3293° N, 18.0686° E

    "Tailored, Technical and Sophisticated"

    Peak Performance is a Swedish outerwear brand that was born in 1986. It started with four avid skiers realizing that no one makes the clothes they wanted to wear on the slopes.

    At the time, the hill was dominated with flashy ski jackets, neon snow pants, glittery accessories, but they decided to counter with understated pieces that adhered more to form and function. However, they could not ignore that style played an important part in showcasing your skills. This meant, then, the clothing they made still had to look good.

    What resulted lead to the creation of clothing that was designed for their friends and themselves to wear. Soon after, there was a shift within the winter sports culture and people demanded for less extravagance and more hardwearing but good-looking gear. Peak Performance was prepared to fulfill this need.

    It has now been thirty-two years since the outerwear brand’s inception and it has transcended into a lifestyle beyond that goes beyond the slopes. Their latest collections have expanded to the golf, running, and sportswear world. All of which fall under the same level of quality, passion, and craftsmanship that the brand is now recognized for.

    You can now go about your day-to-day wearing the brand’s most technical pieces without looking like you’re training for the offseason.

    Take a look at the Peak Performance’s latest collection here.

    Peak Performance Golf Keen Pants
    Peak Performance Troop Vest
    Peak Performance Classic T-Shirt
    Magnus Alpha POAI Backpack
    Magnus Alpha POAI Mid Sneaker
    Anderson & Sheppard Felt Hat

    Words: Jon Carlo Tapia
    Photography: Larry London & Spencer Edwards