Mr. Hiroki Nakamura’s obsession with vintage denim started in his early teen years. As he continued his journey into discovering the world of vintage denim, it later expanded into a series of experiments that have attempted to reproduce the distinct characteristics that are typical of well-aged clothing. Remarkably, Visvim has came up with their own “DRY DENIM®” technique. This process requires the application of a special treatment that removes the oil found within the natural fibres of the denim. However, in doing this method, the shrinkage was pretty severe but Mr. Hiroki eventually found a way to control it.

Stay tuned to the website for more details as the pieces become available for purchase.

To prepare for the release of Visvim’s Dry Denim Collection, we recommend you pick up a Outerknown Striped Tee and some Visvim sneakers.

For more information, read the full product introspection of this technology on their website. In the meantime, check out their new pop up shop situated in New York on 180 Duane Street.

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