Footwear retailer, Little Burgundy, has just released their latest bi-annual magazine making it their twenty-first edition to date. The theme for this issue is entourage, which refers to the friends, family, or like-minded individuals we surround ourselves with. These are the people who inspire, support, and care for our well being and success.

Photographer Naskademini was tapped to capture portraits of Montreal-based individuals who are making a name for themselves through their respective crafts. Each of their skillsets are unique, starting with Motorcyclists, Samuel and Inès, Coffeeshop owner, Jordan Myall, Hospitality expert, PJ Groupil, Women’s Baseball league “Les Princes” founder, Léa Vinson, and finally, Sofia Sokoloff, founder of Sokoloff lingerie. Their imagery is paired with footwear that best describes their  personal style and aesthetic.

Within the final pages of the magazine, Marcus Troy’s story of how he became introduced to Goro’s handcrafted Japanese jewelry is also told. The eight-year long story began in Montreal, continued in New York, and then it came full circle when he visited Japan for the first time. Also accompanying the text is a peek at Marcus’ personal Goro’s collection.

Take glimpse inside the magazine above and you can get your hands on a copy with every online purchase at Little Burgundy.

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