NAS_1753 NAS_1837 NAS_1840 NAS_2011 NAS_2020 NAS_2326 NAS_2337 NAS_2391 NAS_2708 NAS_2742 NAS_2746 NAS_2804 NAS_2949 NAS_2960 NAS_2961 NAS_2972 NAS_3001 NAS_3007 NAS_3025 NAS_3028 NAS_3030 NAS_3036 NAS_3050 NAS_3057 NAS_3158 NAS_3209 NAS_3215 NAS_3242 NAS_3244 NAS_3249Music festivals, no matter which one, have always been a place where you’ll find eccentric and flamboyant style. The weather in Indo, California allows for a lot of freedom when it comes to dressing up for Coachella.

Throughout the festival, attendees will be wearing bohemian inspired prints with bright colours and patterns from floral, to tribal, and native American prints. Light cotton shirts, denim vests, and shorts are some of popular pieces. While breathable footwear is also a must and a classic pair of converse, Nike Roshes and of course, sandals are great options. These outfits are accessorized functionally with sunglasses, hats, and bandannas!

On our weekend in Coachella with JBL Audio, we shot some of the festival goers whose “festival fashion” caught our eye.

Shot by Naskademini.

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