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  • Retail: Voskins Lunetterie Griffintown

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    Voskins Lunetterie Griffintown

    We recently visited eyewear shop Voskins Lunetterie located in Griffintown, which is a historic neighbourhood in Montreal.

    Voskins Lunetterie Griffintown Voskins Lunetterie Griffintown Voskins Lunetterie Griffintown Voskins Lunetterie Griffintown

    Much like the history the neighbourhood of Griffintown carries, the shop’s rustic vibe, decor, and the eyewear goods Dr. Anh-Ton Tran stocks for his clients, similarly carry their own history.

    Shying away from the philosophy and ambiance of traditional optical stores – which is normally a very clinical experience, he chose to create a more intimate experience for his clients.

    By telling the story of the frames, he seeks to establish the link between the frames and the wearer, creating an endearing appreciation for the item that facilitates their vision.

    His passion for design and style has led him to create an optical experience like no other.

    Voskins Lunetterie Griffintown
    1338 rue Notre-Dame Ouest,
    Montréal, Quebec
    H3C 1K7