Montreal, Quebec – Year by year, Formula E is growing in popularity. To many this is the future of autosports. Not only because of the alarming threat that global warming poses but rather the monumental and exciting new way of harnessing electricity. Yes it power our cities and charges our gadgets but it can literally propel us forward in ways that we could not have imagined years ago. Many “purists” have complained about the lack of sound that the Formula E outputs but that’s a minute detail. Nonetheless, the spirit of ferocity and the competitiveness is far from absent and that speaks louder than their battery powered engines.

One of the sport’s biggest partners is Michelin. Not only are their tires equipped on each and every Formula E car but the relationship is befitting, as the centuries old tire maker is no stranger to innovation and adopting new ways of doing old things. An example of this is the Michelin Guide – one of the most revered and respected culinary publications ever created. Within its pages are establishments who have been critiqued and recognized for the spectacular accomplishments in the restaurant world. The guide’s beginnings were simple, its purpose was to provide important travel information for motorists. That tradition continues on today and its influence is undeniable.

In celebration of the first FIA Formula E in Montreal, the French tire brand invited us to join them for dinner at restaurant Toqué for their “Michelin on the Road” – a series which brings Michelin-starred chefs to cities that don’t yet have a guide. Chef Laprise from Toqué welcomed Barcelonian Chefs, Xavier Pellicer from Celeri and David Andres Morera from ABaC restaurant. For many years, Chef Pellicer was a thoughtful and vigilant mentor to the Chef Morera, while Chef Laprise met them both in Milan at a prestigious culinary competition. The trio have now found themselves in Montreal, where they have assembled a Catalan-inspired, six-course gourmet dinner accompanied with a wine pairing.

In any culinary setting we long for a profound experience that will forever leave a lasting impression on our lives. Toqué’s understanding of ambience and taste is truly insightful, leaving you with a more curious palate for fine dining. They present each course with a perfect pairing of wine, solidifying the relationship of flavours that chefs had envisioned. Each dish was carefully orchestrated to create unique notes in every bite, which combined to become symphony of flavours throughout the night. The space in which we shared our meals allowed us to speak easily and freely to one another. This we used as a chance to discuss how impeccable every bite was. Another aspect that we found fascinating was the preparation that went into each dish. While most don’t get the chance to see the behind the scenes, we stepped into the kitchen in between each course to see the disciplined preparation and attention to detail that was exerted into every plate.

The following day was the first of two race days for Formula E and we joined Michelin trackside at the exclusive Emotion Club. From there we enjoyed access to all-day catering, garages, the pit lane, along with spectacular views of the track.

It was there where we delved deeper into the performance aspect and technicalities that Michelin provides Formula E with their tires. What makes this relationship important is the fact that Michelin can actively showcase the tire innovations they have been working on. Not only are the Formula E tires lighter and more efficient than Formula One but they present a reality much closer to everyday driving. This relatability can help the consumer better understand the sport and its applications to their vehicles. This is exemplified by the tread marks on Formula E’s Michelin Pilot Sport EV2 tire, which are exactly the same on their Pilot Sport 4S – a tire for geared for consumers. Moreover, because the race cars are electric, it’s especially important that every component works in tandem to conserve energy, while providing the output necessary to secure a win.

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Scroll down to see the visuals from the experience.


Thank you Michelin for the experience!

Words by Chris Tapia & Carlo Tapia.
Photography by Chris Tapia.

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