If you haven’t heard of the start-up company, TrackR, they specialize in creating devices that help you avoid losing things that are important to you. This is made possible thanks to coin-sized and razor thin bluetooth-equipped devices that you can attach to your keys or put into your wallet.

One of their newest products is their TrackR wallet 2.0, which is essentially the new version of the original TrackR wallet. With a thickness of 2mm, it is shaped exactly like a credit-card making it an easy fit. It also includes user replaceable batteries that last up to 6 months.

If you’re wondering about range, the TrackR wallet 2.0 will track an item up to 100 feet away using your smartphone’s bluetooth. From their app, you can locate your item on the map, see how far it is from you, and tap to ring your item. If you’re too far from your item the tracking relies on a crowdsourced network of other TrackR products to locate it. So the big down side would be if there aren’t any other TrackR devices around, you would have to retrace your steps yourself before knowing the exact location of your item.

The TrackR wallet 2.0 will start at $29.99 and it will be released later this year.

You can pre-order the TrackR wallet 2.0 here.

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