The morning sun is peering through your blinds, and you’re almost through busy week. You’re lying in bed and you wonder, how do you keep yourself going? And then you remember, coffee, it’s 7AM and you hear your machine coming to life. Although, it’s not just any machine, it’s Nespresso’s Prodigio.

What makes the Prodigio special is its Bluetooth connectivity, which connects to your Android or iPhone via the accompanying app. From your smartphone, you can also choose from three different cup sizes, measures the water levels, track how many capsules you have left, and it also allows you to order more when your supply is running low. Most importantly, it conveniently prepares for you a cup of coffee in the morning. All you need to do is place the right sized cup and insert the capsule just before going to bed. But what of the coffee it makes? While the OriginalLine capsules may appear small in size, don’t be fooled by that. As soon as it begins to fill the cup, the first thing you will notice is the rich crema that the coffee creates.

In a world that is increasingly becoming wireless, it makes sense to have a coffee machine that helps streamline your life. We’re always on the go and we always seem to find ourselves on a plane or in our car driving to our next meeting. That said, we need devices that help us save time and Nespresso’s Prodigio with Bluetooth connectivity certainly accomplishes that.

If you’re ready to streamline your coffee experience, learn more about Nespresso’s Prodigio here.

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