Toronto, Canada – Every year, Nespresso releases limited edition capsules inspired by our favourite holiday flavours. This season, the premium coffee brand corroborated with transatlantic duo, Craig & Karl, to add a festive touch to this year’s limited edition Confetto Variations capsules.

Throughout the years, the duo have been recognized for their eye-catching art work. Although there is an interesting dynamic at work as they live an ocean apart from each other. Even though, Craig lives in New York and Karl lives in London, the two are capable and comfortable working together. Yes, they have the seemingly unlimited power of the internet and all its tools at their disposal, but there’s still an undeniable synergy that exists. They credit their longstanding friendship that spans roughly fifteen years as one of the main reasons their relationship has continued to flourish. Craig & Karl rarely disagree with each other.  The five hour time difference between the two cities has proven to be an advantage for their work. While one rests, the other can get a head start on the project allowing both Craig & Karl to be equally involved in every step of the creative process.

“The most important thing for us when we work with brands is that have to be able to like and relate to it. When we first started communicating with Nespresso, it was like clear that we’d have leeway with what we thought would work within their parameters of their holiday collection. Once that was established, it was clear for us that this was going to be a good collaboration.” – Karl Maier

Coming from a design background, Craig & Karl approached their collaboration with Nespresso with a lot enthusiasm. They enjoyed the challenge of working with a product that predominantly features a dark colour palette. Moreover, they sought out to do more than to simply inject colour into the product and capsules. The two were inspired by vibrant colours of old fashion candy. The limited edition Confetto Variations capsules are showcased in elegantly bold stripes that reference the patterns on the sugary treats. While accessories like the Aeroccino 3 Frother, Vertuo Travel Mug, and Touch Coffee Cups feature subtle hits of Craig & Karl’s designs.

“I think when you come from a design background. You have brands embedded into your head and that’s kinda our approach. We both love products in general. When we went to Japan we were 18 and we saw all sorts of crazy things.” – Craig Redman

As for the capsules themselves, Nespresso has crafted six unique capsules for their Confetto Variations, three for their Vertuoline and three OriginalLine machines. Each capsule features flavours like peppermint, coconut, orange, cherry, banana, and liquorice. Like the creative duo’s designs, Nespresso aim to bring a sense of nostalgia through its flavours. Some of our favourites from the launch are the Variations Confetto Peppermint Cane and the Variations Confetto Snowball capsules. The first is for Nespresso’s VertuoLine machine; it consists of Arabica beans sourced from Ethiopia, Central and South America. The light peppermint flavour infused into the coffee reminds us of candy canes at Christmas. We like to add a touch of powdered hot chocolate to create a tasty caffè mocha. Another one of our favourites, the Variations Confetto Snowball capsule, is a smooth coconut and vanilla espresso. We paired it with a splash of sweetened condensed milk – a key ingredient in Vietnamese coffee – to highlight the natural sweetness of the coffee and balance out the bolder notes.

Take a look at the images from Nespresso’s Holiday Event in Toronto below!

Learn more about Craig & Karl and Nespresso’s limited edition Confetto Capsules here.

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