Nespresso is always in the pursuit of a great cup of coffee and they have recently put together a limited edition collection of capsules that will take you eastward towards Africa and Asia. The first lies on the coast of the Indian Ocean, where you’ll find Kenya and the second to Southeast Asia, where Laos lies.  

The Peaberry from Kenya is unique because of the singular bean that grows inside the cherry. Not only is it a smaller, more rounder bean, it looks nothing like the typical coffee beans that grows two a fruit and looks flat. The only way to know if they are Peaberry beans is through an intensive handpicking process, which relates directly to Nespresso’s commitment to quality. When we inserted the Kenya Peaberry capsule into Nespresso’s OriginalLine machine, it produced a velvety shot of espresso. The coffee’s taste wasn’t too strong, nor too light, and there was a fruity sweetness that wafted from the cup.

Located in Laos is the Bolaven Plateau, which is one of the most idyllic places on Earth to grow coffee. This is thanks to its temperate climate and a generous rainy season. During the early twentieth century, it was the French who introduced coffee from Vietnam and it has since been home to numerous plantations. The beans Nespresso has extracted from the area make for a well-balanced cup of espresso. It’s especially good with a little milk, as it brings out the wholesome wheat, cereal, and grainy flavours.


Learn more about Explorations 1 Duopack online at Nespresso.

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