Freshly ground coffee is usually the first thing we think of when it comes to having a warm cup. However, the tradition of aging coffee beans has existed for centuries. This practice, which began in the 18th century, occurred by happenstance as it took months for Europeans to receive the beans because the means of transportation where extremely limited. With that being said, the ships that transported beans allowed them to exposed to the salty air and varying temperatures of the sea – thus changing the flavour profile of the beans.

The allure of aged coffee has inspired Nespresso to create their very own collection called “SELECTION VINTAGE 2014.” Although, instead of packing their beans into a ship to travel the high seas, they have created a rigorously controlled environment for them to age in. This meant that everything from the time, oxygen, moisture in the air, atmospheric pressure, along with a rotation system that ensures the perfect conditions for aging.

It’s also important to note that only certain coffee beans can used for aging, With this in mind, Nespresso has chosen freshly harvested green Arabica coffee beans that have been sourced from Colombia. These beans have the best characteristics to undergo the process and as a result, you will sip on an elegantly aged coffee that is unlike your usual java.

This collection comes as exciting news for the discerning coffee  drinkers and connoisseurs alike. Moreover, lovers of all things aged,  will appreciate the care and attention that has been put forth by the premium coffee makers.

To properly introduce us to their limited edition collection, Nespresso has sent us a care package of a beautiful cheese knife set, and crystal glasses from their Reveal collection. The tasting glasses have been specifically crafted to accentuate the aroma that the aged coffee will exude with every sip. Another fantastic gift is the best selling book, 30-Second Wine, which explains the fifty important elements of wine in less than half a minute.

We are looking forward to sharing the coffee with our friends and family!

You can purchase the SELECTION VINTAGE 2014 capsules online at Nespresso.

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