Yesterday I had a compelling conversation about STYLE & TASTE on twitter. My rant got a lot of love and a lot of support. I figured I would share it on here for those that missed it. Follow me on twitter if you want to stay up on the daily conversations.


– Style is not about the name brands you wear. Style is about how you put things together. Link

– Style is also about vision and a unique point of view in my opinion. Taking risk, being bold and confident in what you wear. Link

– Style has nothing to do with your body size or if you are “dressed up” You can be in kicks and a fitted and still have style. Link

– The importance of style blogs are for style queues, ideas & reference points. But true style comes from within. No blog can give you that. Link

– I’ve encountered so many ladies who have the biggest misconception about style. It’s not only about the purse & the shoes in my opinion. Link

– Style is also about having an eye (word to JLP) Knowing what works for you and what works for others. Style recognizes Style Link

– People try to imitate style or other peoples style and they look uncomfortable why? Because style comes from within.

– You can follow trends or even mimic trends but I don’t believe you can follow style… if you know what I mean.

– Style is different from fashion and fashion is different from trends and trends are different from trendsetters in my opinion.

– Just because everyone is “dressing up” now does not mean you have to give up the J’s or kicks. That’s following trends. (not trendsetter)

– Style is also about being versatile in my opinion. Knowing when to wear a suit, kicks, jeans, jogging pants, boat shoes etc.. that’s style.

– Style is also about knowing Time & Place and knowing your age in style. Just my opinion.

– Just to sum it all up… You can buy clothes but you can’t buy style. You can be trendy does not mean your a trendsetter. (In my opinion)

– As you age, your clothes will change but your sense of having style should stay the same.

– My opinion about “taste” I think having taste is about knowledge & reference points. Things are good BECAUSE… Knowing what makes things good

– I believe “taste” is also about era and time. What was tasteful in the 80’s might not be tasteful today. If you know what I mean.

– Some of my friends who have great taste usually know the history of things and where they come from and their relation to the world.

– “Taste” is also universal but so deep. You have to have a vaste understanding & knowledge about things to have taste. You get what I am saying?

– You know when you see something and it just feels and looks right but you can’t put your finger on it? That’s what Taste looks like IMO.

– You might not have taste or great style but your killer instincts might put you in a position where you know whats good and whats not.

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