I’m not sure when I became the go-to guy for advice but I’ve taken my given role pretty seriously. My peers always seem to call upon me when they want/need some career advice. What I’ve noticed from most of the people who approach me is that they are simply frustrated with the pace of their train. I believe that all of us are on a train of sorts. Some are of the bullet train variety that you find in Japan, while others have old steam engines that stay docked at the station and others are on your average subway that stops at every station, like in NYC. Regardless, we are all riding on life’s gravy train. When you start feeling frustrated about the speed of your train, focus on the ride. I think that when you start thinking about how fast your train is going, you actually slow down. Don’t let the frustration of the journey slow you down. Dwelling on the negative slows your train down to a full halt and when you get off-track, the train starts moving again… By the time you realized that you are off the train, you have to really play catch-up.

All trains slow down at some point but, believe me, you can always find a way to catch the next train to (your) paradise.

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