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  • My Life: Pepsi x Undftd x Union Slam Dunk Event- Los Angeles


    Yesterday I descended upon the London Hotel in West Hollywood California for the Pepsi x Union x Undftd Slam Dunk Event put on by Epiphany Media.  As we arrived, we couldn’t believe how nice of a hotel it was, the hotel lobby was very luxurious with high ceilings. It was so luxurious in fact, that I couldn’t figure out how they were going to hold a Dunk Competition there. Would such a hotel allow streetwear kids to invade their space for evening?? (moving on)

    I made my way to the bathroom and while I was washing my hands, rapper Curtains rolled in, to also wash his hands ( I guess). I didn’t want to make it an awkward Seinfeld moment so I did the right thing and introduced myself, I was kind of surprised that he had heard of me. I asked him what floor the game was on and confirmed that he was playing in the game.

    We got there a little early so we decided to hang in the Lobby until starting time. While we were waiting Mos Def strolled trough wearing a blazer, hawaiian shirt and these matte navy blue patent leather moccasins with tassels,  a very fresh look. The homie Sal Barbier rolled in right after, so we decided to roll up to the third floor with him. The first thing you saw when you strolled in was the giant chess game pictured above. The mood was set,  the weather was beautiful, the venue was really dope now and the fun began…


    Most of the Epiphany events I’ve attended, always resulted in free drinks and food…this wasn’t going to be any different.


    Like I said before we got there a little early, so we witnessed everything in its raw form.



    EA Sports was also a sponsor, so they provided TV’s, Play Station’s and Xbox’s. I kicked some ass in Fight Night for the record.


    The 3rd floor setup was pretty amazing! If you had a room facing the landscape you would be able to see all of the activity from the comfort of your balcony. If you look closely over my shoulder you can see MOS DEF peeping down from his balcony.


    Don’t look at the dime by the bar…Keep your eye on Mega from Black Scale studying his opponents move in chess.


    Peep CurT@!n$* shoe game! I believe those to be ID’s from 21 mercer street.


    Celebrity Judge James Bond 1 of the founders of Undefeated chopping it up with the camera man.


    If you weren’t into playing video games, chess or getting drunk, you had your choice of dominoes or cards.


    I got a great snap of Mega warming up before the game! I’m sure he would make MJ proud with this dunk! HA!


    The homie Omar from cmonwealth getting it in on FF4.


    Check out in the background another celebrity judge, Ben Baller from IF&CO enjoying the scenery.


    Coltrane Curtis (the host) and also a player was also on the court warming up before the game.


    Mega & Curtains


    Chris Gibbs (originally from Ottawa, btw) founder of Union and actor Chi Mcbride were also  celebrity judges.


    Another Dunk’er in the competition



    Coltrane celebratory dance after a monstrous dunk!


    Mos Def watching the tom foolery from his balcony.


    Ben Baller and James Bond



    Mr. Kim from evilmonito x epiphany x mrkimsays and a few other projects was on nerves to make sure the event went off without a hitch. I think him and the team accomplished that task!
    *My paparazzi shot of Neran on stage with Mr. KIm


    The homie Sal Barbier took home the grand prize for the best Dunk! Check MTTV for the video coming soon.










    Mos Def finally came down from the IVORY TOWERS to bless the crowd with a energetic performance.

    Overall the event was super dope and was far from the streetwear spectacle I thought it was going to be. It was very sexy, entertaining and fun. I was also very surprise at the amount of females that showed up.

    Epiphany did it again!

    Shout out to Mr. Kim, Chris Gibbs, Mr. Gibbs, Omar, Sal Barbier, Coltrane Curtis, Mega and all the other people I met at the spot.