Drake- Say what’s real

Drake is an unbelievable lyricist with mad “rewind factor”. If this was Heroes, I would open his head like Sylar and see how his mind works and take his abilities. I got put on to Drake about 3- 4 years ago (I think) when my man Leslie gave me a copy of his first mixtape. We did an interview with him back then for “interview a day for the month of may” I will post it up again for you guys. He reminded me of a young Jay. He has what I would like to call reality rap, “current affairs rap”, and very introspective on topics of women and pop culture. I love the way he puts the words together and uses metaphor’s that might be over some people’s heads. I think those are some of the reasons why we love Kanye, Jay and BIG. Hope you feel the same way.

“Got N***a Reactin without a sinus”

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