For the 44th episode of OVO Sound Radio Brooklyn DJ John McSwain, also known as, Vacations, put together a smooth mash-up of Drake and Sade songs. The five song playlist, which is titled “MORE LOVE” (if you haven’t guessed it already) takes songs from Drake’s latest playlist, “MORE LIFE” and mashes it up with a few of Sade’s classic songs. The playlist goes as follows:

  1. “Lover’s Smoke” – Drake’s “Free Smoke” with Sade’s “Lovers Rock.”
  2. “Gylaskin” – Drake’s “Gyalchester” and Sade’s “Skin.”
  3. “Get it Together, Give it Up,” – Drake’s “Get It Together” combined with Sade’s “Give It Up.”
  4. “Can’t Cherish Everything” – Drake’s “Can’t Have Everything” with Sade’s “Cherish the Dar.”
  5. “Never Thought I’d See the Passionfruit” – Drake’s “Passionfruit” fused with Sade’s “I Never Thought I’d See The Day.”

Disclaimer: The last song “Never Thought I’d See the Passionfruit” is only available when you download the playlist. You can download “MORE LOVE” here or stream it on Soundcloud below.

You can also check out Vacations website.

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