My story about discovering Goro’s was years in the making. Hypebeast reached out to us to tell the origins of our story from the beginning. Read an excerpt below:

“This is an eight-year-old story of how I discovered the legend of Goro’s. In many ways, Goro’s pieces was omnipresent around me because I always had a few friends around me that collected his jewelry, but I never paid it no mind. One of my friends, Vincent Tsang, wore it around his index finger, and I only noticed it after I had invited him to New York City to work on a Nike project with me. Whenever I find myself in the city, I always try to connect with my friends and acquaintances. At the time, my friend, Ariel, was the concierge of the Tribeca Grand hotel and I had introduced him to Vincent. As they reached out to shake hands, Ariel immediately took notice of his ring and the name “Goros” came out of his mouth. He then proceeded to open up his shirt as if he was Superman and pulled out a silver feather from underneath. The two spent the rest of the evening sharing their stories of how they obtained their Goro’s. I, of course, had no idea what was going on and sat there confused but my curiosity to learn more about the jewelry emerged.

A year later, I traveled to Tokyo with the Project trade show president and menswear guru, Nick Wooster. Our goal was to connect and find brands to work with on PROJECT WOOSTER, a special series that highlighted the undeniable influence Japanese brands has on fashion and the creative industry. Whenever I’m in a city that I’m not familiar with, I like to call upon a “fixer,” which is essentially a person who acts as a guide and takes care of you in any given city. My go-to fixer and friend in Tokyo was Jarrett Reynolds, a designer for Nike who had moved from Portland to Tokyo. He was the guy that would introduce us to the right people, brands and restaurants in the city. When we linked up with Jarrett, around his neck was a gold and silver eagle and feathers! I immediately asked him if it was Goro’s and he proudly said “yes.””

Read the full story online at Hypebeast.

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