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  • Lincoln Welcomes You Into The 2017 Continental

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    "Lincoln has always been at the forefront of what we call an understated luxury"

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    Luxury within the automotive industry has become standardized; it’s not hard to find a car with quality leathers, a high fidelity sound system, and high performance parts but the difference comes into how it is all executed. Moreover, most cars within their segment all perform within attacking range of each other. So what can we say now about how we pick our luxury vehicle of choice? Lincoln is aiming to shift the paradigm with new additions to their revived Continental, a vehicle that represents the pinnacle of how they see luxury.

    Lincoln has always been at the forefront of what we call an understated luxury. The American automotive brand has always spoken lightly. Never bragging, never boasting. It is within this belief that the brand has found a lane for itself. For 2017, they have designed the Continental with a myriad of new features.

    It all begins with a series of innovations that the automotive company calls “Lincoln Experiences”, which is described by Director of Global Lincoln, Matt VanDyke, “Are about creating a warm, personal driving experience every time a Lincoln owner approaches their vehicle.”

    It begins as you approach the 2017 Continental with the surrounding exterior LED lights coming to life. To get inside you will have to place your hand on the newly designed E-latch door handle, which provides elegant and effortless entry every time, while giving the Continental a look of fluidity despite its large proportions.

    The welcome doesn’t stop there, as the all-digital dashboard lights up to reveal an interior crafted from an assortment of fine materials, from supple perforated leather and natural wood accents that is complemented with finely brushed metal trimmings. Once you settle into the available Perfect Position thirty-way seats, you will be able to adjust the seat to suit with personalized settings. A distinguishing feature of the seat is the individual thigh extender, which adds even more comfort.  Finally, the experience would not be complete without available heated and cooled seats that also offer independent support, along with a soothing massage feature. Which all combine to offer the driver and the passenger a comfortable ride every time you get into the Continental.

    Learn more about the Lincoln Continental here.

    Words & Photography: Jon Carlo Tapia