Winter has finally ended and we’re looking forward to the warm weather ahead. However, just as the cold winds can bring the flu, the spring and summer air brings allergies along with it. The symptoms are often bothersome and can derail your productivity. While most would avoid their allergies by staying indoors, there’s still a chance that the dust in your home could affect you. Keeping things clean can certainly help but dusting will release those unwanted particles into the air.  For us, it’s especially important to keep the allergies at bay and stay one-hundred percent should we need to take a last minute flight, meeting, or get work done at the office.

The usual method of finding relief from your allergies is taking over-the-counter medicine and a box of tissues. Thankfully, there are devices that exist that can keep the allergens to a minimum.

One of the most efficient is Dyson’s Pure Hot+Cool Link purifier, which has been specifically engineered to remove unwanted allergens and pollutants from the air. It also works to remove smells from cooking and harmful compounds that come in some cleaning products. This is made possible through a 360-degree glass HEPA filter that sits at the base of the purifier. To keep it functioning smoothly, all you need to do is periodically clean it! This versatile fan is also equipped with a heat and cooling system making it useful all-year-round.

Besides its futuristic design, there’s also an accompanying app that you can download which allows you to control the purifier from your smartphone via Wi-Fi. You can also set a schedule and check on the air quality of the room you’ve place the purifier in.

This comes as a breath of fresh air (no pun intended), as most fan systems simply circulate the air and (and dust) around the room.

If you’ve been following us on instagram, you’ll also have spotted our new office dog, Tokyo, the Samoyed. His breed is classified as hypoallergenic but that doesn’t mean he’s allergy-free. Having the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link purifier definitely comes in handy.  

We’ve also moved! As we settle into our new offices, the dust will eventually do the same. That said, the purifier will help to keep the air fresh and our noses clear!


The Purifier that you see in the photos is the Black/Nickel colour way and it’s exclusive to Dyson Canada. Learn more about the Pure Hot+Cool Link purifier online at Dyson.

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