We’re all familiar with the typical convenient store fare with its selection of snacks ranging from chocolates, chips, candy, and of course, jerky. All of these things serve as a quick fix when you’re on the go or as something to nibble on later. The only issue is that they are packed with sugar, sodium and a bunch of ingredients you can’t really pronounce. This is especially true for the jerky and if you’re trying to change your dietary habits like us but still want to enjoy the snack, then we have a recommendation for you.

In a recent post, we talked about KRAVE Gourmet Jerky, who is taking a gourmet approach to jerky. They begin by choosing the top cuts of meat and then eliminating the artificial ingredients that are injected into it, and topping it off with seasoning like chili lime, sweet teriyaki, and real sea salt. This approach has attracted the attention of athletes and people with a refined taste. That comes as no surprise as it’s a good source of protein, low in fat and better tasting than any jerky we’ve ever tasted. It serves great as fuel for games or as a great appetizer paired with cheese and wine.

To add to the gourmet experience, KRAVE has suggested different types of wine, beer, and spirits for you to serve at your next get-together with friends. Based on their recommendations, we’ve paired our three favourite flavors with three of our favorite alcoholic beverages.

Grilled Sweet Teriyaki

The Grilled Sweet Teriyaki is a pork jerky that is not too moist and comes apart easily. The flavouring is a nice combination of salty and sweet! We paired one of our staple white wine choices, Menage a Trois, which is a dry and fruity Chardonnay that complements the Grilled Sweet Teriyaki nicely. This makes a great treat when entertaining guests who enjoy a little savoury and sweet appetizer with their wine.

Chili Lime Beef

The second is the beef Chili Lime, in which the tanginess of the lime balances the spice and it is one of the favourites among our team. Pairing Corona with the Chili Lime jerky was an obvious choice for us, as the light but malty beer complements the spicy, tangy flavour. It’s perfect as an easy pairing on the dock at the cottage.

Sweet Chipotle Beef

Lastly, we had to include the Sweet Chipotle because it is a classic barbecue flavour. Most jerkies offer a barbecue flavour but they are often too hot or too salty. KRAVE’s own recipe has a touch of smokiness and it is not too sweet. For this, we chose Kraken rum because it’s a spiced dark rum with a bold flavor, and it adds another layer of flavour to the smoky Sweet Chipotle jerky.

This is a sponsored post from KRAVE Gourmet Jerky.

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