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Based in LA, Chapter designs clothing that are from the fit to the materials, stylistically complex. Each garment is uniquely shaped but it still complements the wearer well.

For the Spring/Summer 2014 collection from Chapter, Lucid Void, is rooted in simplicity, modernism and function. The pieces are designed with impeccable stye and quality, and each one offers a unique approach to a classic men’s piece.

The line evokes a sense of vastness and immensity. The colour palette is subtle and muted. The fit is tailored for comfort and ease of movement. The styling is understated yet impactful.

We particularly love the fit and construction of the collection, the lightweight fabrics are perfect for the Summer.

Here are some of our favourite pieces from their Lucid Void Spring/Summer 2014 collection:

Mor Woven – Black and White Stripe: Is a short sleeve button down woven, which features a single breast pocket and features a wide placket detailing.

Baron Pant – Black: This elastic waist slouch pant includes a cool drawstring waist, along with darting detail at the knees.

Nova Short – Black: These tailored shorts features belt loops with removable drawstring, back yoke detailing, finished off with an angular button closure on back left pocket.

Torynn Jacket – Over Dye Black Resin: This denim jacket is a button down front closure complete with breast pockets.

Browse the rest of Chapter’s Lucid Void collection online.

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