Cadillac has created a series of shorts that subtly blends their latest automotive innovations in everyday life moments. In these Sam De Jong directed visuals, you’ll spot the Escalade, the XT5, the CT6, and the CTS-V in and around New York City.

The first begins with the 640-horsepower CTS-V, and a young man going to pick up his date. While he awaits, he discusses with himself on how he should approach his night by toggling through the different driving modes, Tour, Sport, and Track, where he ultimately decides to be himself. The following short features the Escalade, and we’re introduced a battered person who is repeating a defensive statement. We later find out that he’s an actor, and he’s filming a scene in front of the SUV’s brilliant 142-bulb LED headlamps.

In the third short, we see a woman who is overwhelmed with work and she’s bumping into people as she is making her way towards the CT6. Once she gets inside the luxury cabin the ruckus stops and she is soothed by the 34-speaker Bose Panaray system. Next, we see the XT5 and man waiting to pick-up his girlfriend, who is late. As he is speaking with his girlfriend and in the rearview mirror camera, he sees a couple fighting behind him. She gets into the passenger seat, she comes bearing flowers and in that moment, they share their first “I Love You.”

You can watch all the shorts above and learn more about Cadillac’s line up here.

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