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The Marcus Troy Experience

A curated guide of the things that we love.

Consume: Food and drink.

Commute: Cars, Jets, and Bikes.

Wear: Clothes, Shoes, and Accessories.

Travel: Hotels, Places, Properties, Countries and Cities.

Experience: Brands, Environments, Design, Festivals, and Grooming Products

Carry: Technology, Cameras, Computers, and Gadgets.

Talk: Interviews with Celebrities, Athletes, Industry, and Professionals.


Our Belief:

We believe in experiencing everything first hand, because it speaks to our credibility and our ability to tell compelling narratives. We pride ourselves on being cultural participants. We want to know everything about everything.

Our Goals:

The goal is to share the best things the World has to offer with you, our audience. We live to tell stories that excite and inspire. We try to reach those with a discerning taste, and an appreciation for luxury, heritage, and quality. Most importantly, we want to reach individuals who aspire to be great.

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