Understated, elegant and efficient are the best words to describe Lincoln’s 2017 MKZ Reserve Hybrid. If our editors were making a list of their favourite luxury sedans, the MKZ would be on the list. Let’s start with the new grille, which was first seen on the Continental concept and now it has made its way onto the MKZ. Much of the exterior remains the same; there are well-placed lines that give the vehicle a sharp, yet rounded body. At the back, the wraparound taillights look futuristic; a feature that when you look at it, you know it’s a Lincoln. The interior remains steeped in fine materials like soft perforated leather, handsome wood grain and polished metals. The driver seat feels like a cockpit as the center stack sits high with enough space to empty out your phone, wallet, and anything that may disturb your driving experience. The new SYNC 3 has become easier to navigate and the touchscreen more responsive. Moreover, the 2.0L hybrid engine is efficient and the engine ignites in a gentle hull when it requires the use of gasoline.

Our editors were tasked with finding places around the city that shared the same expression of quiet luxury as the new MKZ. They thought of spots in the Old Port of Montreal, within the Downtown core, and places that were slightly off the beaten path. They thought of places were one can valet and discreetly sneak into. At the end of the experience they decided to put it into a guide for those who wish to embark on the journey themselves.

Scandinavian Spa In the Old Port:

The Old Port of Montreal is undeniably charming. The buildings that stand in between the cobble roads bring you back to the mid twentieth century. It is dotted with numerous restaurants, art galleries, and luxurious boutique hotels. Embedded within this quarter is a Scandinavian Spa, which offers the complete Nordic experience in an almost cave like setting. You’ll find the atmosphere to be calming with only the noise of water running from the pool size hot water bath and the gentle rhythm of melodic music. One of the best parts is that the spa offers valet service. So you need not worry about finding parking, just pull up and unwind like we did. The experience can be likened to the multi-contour seats of the MKZ, which can be adjusted to achieve a comfortable driving position. Meanwhile, the massage technology subtly soothes out the knots in our backs like the masseuses at the spa.

Afternoon Tea at The Ritz Carlton:

The next day, we slid into the MKZ and headed towards the Ritz Carlton in Downtown Montreal. Our mornings can be quite busy, we can find ourselves rushing into the office, trying to catch up or get head start on the day. If all goes well, we recommend that you take the afternoon to visit the Ritz Carlton with a friend and enjoy their Afternoon tea service. It’s an age-old tradition among the British to gather around the teapot. There you will be enjoying a selection of bites ranging from sweet to savoury. The highlight has to be the glass of champagne that is introduced to you as you are seated. The atmosphere of afternoon tea reminded us of the calming drive of the hybrid engine and quiet cabin of the MKZ.

Dinner Nora Gray:

Nora Gray is a quaint Italian restaurant that is located just outside of the Downtown core of Montreal. The interior design will remind you of your Nonni’s basement, it feels homey and warming. If you are coming in for drinks, there’s a small bar on the left side where you can sit and if your staying for dinner, there are small tables that fill the rest of the space. Because of the restaurant’s size, we recommend making reservations ahead of time. The MKZ breathed the same understated but elegant dining experience we had.

A Night With The Montreal Symphony Orchestra:

To reflect the awesomeness of the Lincoln’s twenty-speaker Revel sound system, we spent an evening at Place Des Arts. This is where you will find Montreal Symphony Orchestra and it’s many musicians. We opted for a more intimate concert and it was titled “The Art of the Mandolin”. It consisted of two musicians; one was skilled at the Harpsichord, the other, the Mandolin. The duo played for us Beethoven’s concertos. The hall was large but there was only seating for one hundred. We sat and listened to the music bounced throughout the grand hall.

Head over to Lincoln to learn more about their 2017 MKZ.


Thank you Lincoln for the experience.
Photography: Jon Carlo Tapia

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